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Color 2

this iPhone category contains free color related iphone themes, looking for a pure black, pink or fluorescent based iphone theme? You will find it here! This is the second part of the color category
Orange Red this time not a black and white but a red and orange theme pimpin your iphone
Black and gold blinking gold and dark black have always been 2 colors which gave a perfect combo, so there just had to be at least 1 iphone theme about it…
Burgundi a nice smooth classic iphone theme using a plain black background filled with custom sepia iphone icons
IKB mainly blue IKB iphone theme
Gold Deluxe if you like it big and you like it bling you will for sure like this Gold deluxe iphone theme. Looks great on a golden iphone, but i guess you don't have one :)
Red Black nice mainly red and black iphone theme
Blue Badge a blue iphone theme in all its ways…
King Los Red a red background filled with red icons, this is the king los red iphone theme
PinkNBlack for the pink color lovers amongst us, we have this PinkNBlack iphone theme where pink icons are fitted perfectly on a black iphone background
Mystic Blue blue is the only color you will find in this mystic blue iphone theme
iFels2 install this iFels theme on your iphone and life couldn't get more pink!
China Blue a porcelain china blue theme, chinese icons and blue china ink give your iphone a special design
Sharp Sharp green colored iphone themes
Venom I fading random colours all over your iphone in this Venom I iphone theme
Color BK this color BK iphone theme exists out of different colored tiles on the background of your device
Blawb HD and widget a colorful Blawb HD iphone theme with painted lines in the background. This theme also included a widget to hide your icons
Simple Red if you love things to be red, you will love the simple red iphone theme, as it says, this iphone theme is simply red and uses simple made white iPhone icons.
Blooming a purple background and dark purple iphone icons in this blooming iphone theme
wBlue take your iPhone to a whole new dimension with this Wblue iPhone theme
Midnight Lime in this iPhone theme, all your iPhone icons have been transformed to bright lime green icons
Green Apple a fluorescent green apple iPhone theme will make your iPhone stand out from the crowd
Blue Zapper race over the data highway in this blue zapper iPhone theme in APK format