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Music iphone themes

Under the iphone music category you can find different iphone themes which can be used to give your iphone just this little extra to make the difference….
Heavy Doobie If you like it hard and you like pentagrams, your dark side will for sure like to have this iphone theme
Ipod 1 show that you have all important apple gear in your pocket, give your iphone an ipod look with this ipod iphone theme
Ipod 2 show that you have all important apple gear in your pocket, give your iphone an ipod look with this ipod iphone theme
Linkin Park it's easy, if you go wild on linkin park, you can't miss this linkin park iphone theme
Music Pirate iphone theme So you like downloading illigal music to your iphone and you're also proud of it? Why don't you just tell it to the whole world (or your close friend which can drop an eye on your iphone) by downloading this music pirate iphone theme
Beatles theme a must have iphone theme for all john lennon fans: Beatles iphone theme
Into The Grove a cool mixing panel looking iphone theme gets you into the grove…
Depech Mode for the true fan we bring you this depech mode iphone theme which contains a perfect combination of black and white and bright red.
equalizer this iphone theme shows a blue equalizer on the background with square custom made iphone icons
The Cure The cure, the controversial band of Robert Smith now has its own iphone theme
Jam Master Jay One of the biggest hip hop stars ever, Jam master Jay, straight on your iphone baby!
Gibson an iPhone theme about this famous popular guitar brand, well known by anybody who ever played in a band: Gibson
Muse Muse, the band of Matthew Bellamy fills up your iphone with muse single and CD icons. If you are a muse fan, you got to have this theme installed
Saxon an iphone theme about one of the greatest heavy metal bands around: saxon
Michal Jackson iPhone theme an iPhone theme in tribute to the greatest entertainer ever: Michael Jackson. To remove statusbar-clock. Add this repo hxxp:// Then install StatusBarCustomClock4