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Software iphone themes

Under the iphone software category you can find different iphone themes which can be used to give your iphone just this little extra to make the difference….
Custom Icons 6
Custom Icons 5
Vista 2 the iphone theme contains a windows vista background with the original iphone icons
Vista 3
Adobe CS3
Vista 5 if you like windows vista, you will for sure like this windows vista iphone theme, it makes use of the standard icons flavoured with some vista influences
Windows vista cool exotic windows vista iphone theme with fancy vista looking icons
iAvalon Tux for the Linux geeks there's good news now you can also have a geeky tux pinguin on your iphone with little tuxies as iphone icons
1 bit if the iphone would have been invented in the year 1980, i'm pretty sure it would have had a standard 1 bit colored screen like this
1 bit green this is the green variant of the 1 bit iphone theme, if you would have had an iphone in 1980 it might have looked like this…
Pingu again an other Linux pingu theme for your iphone. You will love to have these summerboard themes.
BnB we must say that the blue background on this iphone theme fits well together with the iphone icons
Iconic everybody recognizes the X and the icons, erase microsoft from your brain and install this iphone theme
Macish this iphone theme salutes the macintosh through this macintosh style iphone theme with typical white square icons on a macintosh style headphone background
Special Vista a Windows Vista based iphone theme with a special touch which gives this iphone its typical look
Apple Style i guess that they mean bright blue backgrounds with -apple style-
Vista Perfection 2.0 Lite so you wanted to have windows vista on your iphone? Well we made it possible with this windows vista iphone theme
Vista Perfection 2.0 so you wanted to have windows vista on your iphone? Well we made it possible with this windows vista iphone theme
Pink Mac what about a pink looking mac theme for your iphone?
Tiger OSX iphone theme about this uncommon tiger OSX operating system
Blackberry storm the blackberry storm is the first smartphone which comes close to the iphone and which might be a valuable competitor. Do you regret having purchased an iphone instead of a blackberry storm? Well then this Blackberry storm iphone theme might chear you up!
Semi Storm an other Blackberry Storm clone, currently the phone which gets closest to the iPhone. Couldn't choose? Get the best of both by installing this blackberry storm theme on your iphone
Another Vista theme one of the many available windows vista themes for your iphone, however this is one of the bether up untill now
Seven OS you might recognize the windows 7 background in this Seven OS iphone theme
Apple Chromatic massive amounts of colours dripping of your iPhones screen in this Apple Chromatic iphone theme
iPhone Vista Final an other version of the windows vista theme for iPhone
iHTC Pro iphone theme transform your iphone into a HTC phone with this iHTC pro iphone theme
iPad the ipad, an other apple invention, as a theme for your iphone
Windows 7 inspired a simulation of the lockscreen on a Windows 7 phone in this theme for your iOS 4.2.1 iPhone
My Android Symplistic OS a clone of the popular android OS for iPhone
IOS Phone 7 HD give some windows 7 taste to your iPhone with this theme