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iPhone themes

Here you can find different kinds of iphone dialers, these are themes which only change you iphone dialing pad
Carbon blue dark make your iphone look shiny with this carbon blue dark iphone theme
Carbon Red make your iphone look shiny red with this carbon red iphone theme
Aqwoah Dialer metal looking iphone theme
Halo Dialer this cold blue halo iphone theme will give you the cold thrills only by looking to it. just put all png files in /Applications/ to get it to work
Retro Phone Dialer it looks as if you are carrying a phone booth in your pocket with this retro phone dialer for your iphone, when pushing the buttons you will also see the buttons on the screen pushed
Halo Black Dialer the dialing pad for your iphone can now be nicely customized with this good looking Halo iphone dialer. This is the black version of this theme. Just put all files in /Applications/ to get it to work
Money dollar dialer Convert your iphone dialing pad to this nice money dollar iphone dialer
Ivista Dialer give your iphone dialing pad a nice vista look with this ivista iphone dialer
Deep iPhone Theme a clean customized basic iPhone theme
Monolithi iphone theme the Monolithi iPhone theme is a futuristic style iphone theme
Silk Skin an original line-up of the iPhone icons in this Silk Skin iPhone theme
iStain Carbon in this iPhone theme the icons pop out of the carbon background
Cobal Premium A Premium style Cobalt iPhone theme
MVFlurry MVFlurry iPhone theme
iTap a redesigned look for your iPhone in this iTap iphone theme
iNitsua Z Twilight an iPhone theme with redesigned iPhone icons
3D Robots in this iPhone theme, all your iphone icons are replaced by cute little robots, on the background of your iphone you can also see the android bot sitting
Square icons iphone theme all your iphone icons are transformed into square icons in this iphone theme
Black UPS Darkness if you like especially Black iphone themes, you will for sure like the UPS black darkness theme
nifob nokta
Palm Prefection
dBar Dragon a fast car on the background of your iphone in this dBar Dragon iphone theme
Silver Bullet a special color patern is used in this silver bullet iphone theme
sea bound transform your iphone into a ship with this seabound iphone theme
Elliptikal iphone theme a futuristic and completely redesigned iphone theme, this is the eliptikal iphone theme
ios Walltheme
ios theme custom theme for your iphone
Wood Burned iphone icons burned into your wooden iphone
China style iphone themes if you like china, you will for sure like to have this China style iphone theme
San Valentine iphone theme the ideal theme for valentine: san valentine iphone theme
Oct-ton colored rays flashing over your screen in this Oct-Ton iphone theme
xMeizu iphone theme
Teneo Mod
Squareish square 2D iphone icons in this squarish iphone theme
BuufToken iphone theme completely redesigned iphone theme: buuftoken
iUnique iphone theme iUnique is an iphone theme which makes use of completely unique redesigned iphone icons.
Chill Pill iphone theme The Chill Pill iphone theme adds a fresh blue colored look to your iphone
LS PixGradient a gradient purple iphone theme starting with light purple at the bottom of your iphone going over to darker purple
Boxor HD gigantic icons, more like widgets, for your iPhone
dBar Horizon again a dark theme with a blue eclipse around it
MnMl HD an iPhone theme for IOS 4.2.1, which requires setup Gridlock or iBlank
dBar Pixelated HD need to install iconoclasm setting 5x5/Gridlock or iBlank auto-move icon/five icon dock applied vision iPhone 4 / iPod Touch 4 / IOS 4.2.1
Anbu HD 421 a custom glass blue background in this Anbu HD iphone theme for iOS 4.2.1
Buuf HD funny icons and a colorful background in this theme for your iOS 4.2.1 iphone theme
Candy Milk v2 this iPhone theme adds a whole new look to your iPhone. With this Candy Milk theme, your iPhone will almost look like an other device!
Painting white painted icons on an ancient map in this iPhone theme
Canned iPhone in this Canned iPhone theme it looks like all your iPhone icons are put in glass jars
dBar Fragile doesnt this model turn you on, just sitting there on the background of your iphone? It for sure turns us on!
En4cer iphone theme En4cer is a complete iPhone theme including all enhanced icons and more, giving your device an iron look. Compatible with most iOS 4 and 5 versions
Animated Weather iPhone theme this iPhone theme will always keep you up to date with the latest weather condition with its animated weather info screens
colores 2 iPhone theme a bright colored iconset for your iPhone 4S
Quab HD iphone themes this iPhone winterboard theme is the HD version of the famous iphone theme created by Kris Mendoza. Featuring 61 colpletely original developed iPhone icons