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iPhone lockscreens 3

download iPhone lockscreens for winterboard under this iphone lockscreens category
Tango iPhone lockscreen this tango iphone winterboard lockscreen gives you a smooth looking not to exagerated iPhone lockscreen
Wickey iPhone Lockscreen app this winterboard iPhone lockscreen contains the male mickey mouse, wickey for iPhone
Wickey iPhone Lockscreen 2 The miney mouse version of this Wickey iPhone lockscreen
Flip iPhone Lockscreen this flip iphone lockscreen will show you the date and time by default, but will revert to the current weather when touched.
beats iPhone lockscreen Beats is a winterboard lockscreen for your iPhone
iPhone 266 lockscreen an iPhone winterboard lockscreen with Overlay from tenuitas mod
B-Glassy iPhone lockscreen this B-glassy iphone lockscreen requires you to slide down to unlock the device
Big SS iphone theme The not leg1onised mod of this amazing iPhone lockscreen
Animated Mario iPhone lockscreen a lockslide clock hide winterboard iPhone lockscreen featuring an animated Super Mario. To change the weather go to and enter your location, then click on the "Find Weather" tab. Next, in the address bar, copy the 8-character code (Example: ITXX0042 = Milan,Italy). Open the LockBackground.html file and search for "var locale" then paste your weather code in the "ITXX0042". If you want to change the weather to Fahrenheit, search for "var isCelsius" and then change this to "false". Example: “var isCelsius = true” will display your temperature in Celsius.
Nature iPhone lockscreen you can almost feel the freshness of nature when installing this iPhone lockscreen
Ford Mustang GT iPhone lockscreen one of the coolest muscle cars ever made, the ford mustang GT, in a winterboard lockscreen for your iPhone
Light iPhone theme let there be light after having installed this light winterboard iPhone Theme
Pull 2 iPhone Lockscreen this iPhone lockscreen gives you a fresh natural nightly look
Light Bulb iPhone Lockscreen a simple bright lightbulb used as lockscreen for your iPhone. Just tap the lightbulb in this iPhone lockscreen to unlock your iPhone
Always Hope lockscreen as long as you have this iPhone lockscreen installed, there will always be hope!
Sunset iPhone Lockscreen a nice warm sunset in a southern country on your iPhones lockscreen….
MP2 iPhone Lockscreen a simple stylish iPhone lockscreen
Typo Comics iPhone Lockscreen For all fans of crazy comics we have here the Typo comics iPhone lockscreen
Noki iPhone lockscreen an iPhone lockscreen for the Winterboard users, the modified Noki iPhone lockscreen
Blue glowing iPhone lockscreen these blue glowing icons look to be stolen from a Sony PSP menu, with glowing blue unicolor iPhone icons
Cant Swim iPhone lockscreen a funny lockscreen drowning in water, fuck i cant swiim iPhone lockscreen for Winterboard!
Be Original iPhone Lockscreen install this iPhone lockscreen and it is so easy to be original!
Clouds iPhone lockscreen mysterious clouds hanging over your iPhones lockscreen, featuring a weather app on top of your iPhone
Balloons hearts iPhone lockscreen pink lovely balloons are shining on your iPhones wallpaper while the shadow of a little dog is trying to catch them.
BiTag iPhone Lockscreen This iPhone lockscreen displays the current weather conditions and temperature on one of those metal military tags
Watchadiise iPhone Lockscreen Watchadiise is an iPhone Lockscreen which sets the standards for iPhone lockscreens so much higher, this blue Watchadiise iPhone lockscreen enhances the way you look at your iPhone!
Arty Swan iPhone Lockscreen 2 swans in a small art style pont as wallpaper of this beautiful iPhone Lockscreen
iDust iPhone lockscreen Give your iPhone a dusty look with this iDust iPhone lockscreen
Kagaya iPhone Lockscreen this iPhones Lockscreen features some of the popular artwork of Kagaya, an exceptional japanese artist
iMatte lockscreen this iPhone lockscreen has a simple slider to unlock your iPhone and glassy springboard winterboard look
UniAw iphone lockscreen this customized iPhone lockscreen was created from different sources, contains a stylefull clock and easy readable calendar. Create a maximum informational iPhone lockscreen with this theme!
iPhone lox Get rid of the default iPhone lock screen and lock your system in style with one of these lockscreens!
Pants lockscreen an original iphone lockscreen, in this lockscreen you will use the zipper of your pants pocket as unlock slider